En del av Stockholms stad
Smygtitt Vitabergsparken 2016
Foto: Petra Hellberg

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Parkteatern in English

14 maj - 1 september 2019

June – July – August/September

All over Stockholm, performing arts with free admission!

Parkteatern is based in Stockholm and is a democratic and open cultural organization. During the entire summer Parkteatern arranges a lot of musical events as well as theatre and dance performances all around the city parks. Opera, jazz, pop, folk music and anything else you can imagine is available free of charge, from June to August.

Every year droves of old and new visitors gather in Stockholm’s parks in order to participate in the cultural spectacle. It has been a tradition since 1942.

Parkteatern is tax-financed and an efficient way to let citizens all over Stockholm enjoy cultural experiences. 

All of Stockholm, all summer, free admission for you and everyone you know!

In the calender of our printed program you can find all the shows that can be enjoyed even if you don't understand Swedish marked with this symbol: * 


Clownen Manne & Co – A classical clown act with Manne and his children Maria and Olle. Manne has performed with Parkteatern since 1976 and he is a part of many Swedes childhood memories. Schedule

Da-da-da – Wordless poetry, humour and a small train on stage when Marionetteatern enters the parks of Stockholm. Originally performed for babies this version has been altered to also suit older children and families. Schedule

Clownen Manne & Co and Da-da-da tour together visiting the same places with performances at 11.00 (Clownen Manne & Co) and 13.00 (Da-da-da) 

Cullberg pop-up – The dance company Cullberg enters the streets and squares of Stockholm with a short pop-up version of their act ON THE CUSP. Schedule

Mosh Split - A company of five Finnish circus artists presenting a show made out of a huge variety of circus skills such as double swinging trapeze and funky ideas. Schedule

5 Folk Festival – A festival with focus on the five national minorities of Sweden: The Jews, the Roma, the Sami, the Swedish Finns and the Tornedalers. Learn a minority dance or listen to concerts with artists from the whole country. Schedule

Asha Ali - With singles such as Hurricane and Time is Now Asha Ali made a name for herself. This summer she enters our stage in Galärparken for a soul and pop concert. Schedule

Popaganda – A one-day-festival i Galärparken with music by the rising stars of pop-Sweden. Schedule

Dansa tillsammans! – Dance together to the tunes of Kizelo Mleko and Trio Törn. Schedule

Gingzilla – The internationally known cabaret and drag artist is in Stockholm for two shows at our stage in Galärparken. Schedule

Perhaps, perhaps... Quizás – A silent clown act about longing for the right one to marry. Schedule

Jazz i parken – Listen to jazz, hang out in the park, visit the arts fair or let your kids try instruments. Schedule

Gregarious – a springboard act, acrobatics and physical theatre about the relationship between to persons. Schedule

Gregarious performe both in Stockholm City and neighbouring municipalities.

Decades of Jazz – Dance and music with the orchestra Stockholm Swing All Stars and the dance company Harlem Hot Shots. Schedule

A/Symmetri – 2 dance acts by choreographers Helena Franzén and Mari Carrasco performed by dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet and with costumes from Beckmans College of Design. Schedule

I mellan – A vibrating dancehall performance based on the strength of being ”a third culture kid”. Schedule

Outlive – A dance act where a contemporary pack of individuals explore their primitive survival instincts on an urban journey through modern society. Schedule

Världens Musik – A musical feast in Kungsträdgården with Miriam Aida, Liliana Zavala Trio and Farshid Dalir. Schedule

Calle Real – Explosive salsa and timba tunes when Calle Real enters the stage in Vitabergsparken. Schedule

Giselle – Classical dance with the Royal Swedish Ballet in Giselle. Experience a part of the second act and an introduction to the company’s work behind the stage. Schedule

Lindy & Bon Bon band – A mix of music from all genres and eras with lead singer and actor Lindy Larsson and the tight-knit Bon Bon band. Schedule

NEAR - Twelve dancers meet in a swamp house, hovering in a no-man’s land between nature and civilization. Together they bring a monstrous dream to life, blending genres of music concert and surrealist story ballet in a cinematic theaterscape. Schedule

Vegas i Vitan – Back for a third time by popular demand Karl Dyall, Rennie Mirro, Joachim Bergström and The Swedish Wind Ensemble once again enters the stage with their tribute to the times and music of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr's. Schedule

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